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ABHAVIS TECHNOLOGY was formed with a clear focus on development to road safety products which are designed for a better & greener tomorrow. Speed limit device also popularly known as speed governors is one such product which is designed to improve the road safety, save fuel & that makes our roads a better place to be at.

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Electronic speed governors...

  • Why electronic speed governors? +

    As per WHO, India tops the list of nations with highest deaths in Road Accidents in the world in 2006. As per National Crime Records Bureau Data (2006), Road Accidents deaths in India account for the highest amongst unnatural deaths.

    Our speeding causes the maximum accidents. Thus the solution lies in controlling over speeding of transport vehicles thereby inducing discipline amongst drivers through use of technology. Electronic Speed Governors is such a device that restricts the maximum speed of a vehicle to a preset limit.

    • Increased Road Safety.
    • Reduced fuel consumption.
    • Reduced maintenance cost for the vehicle owner(s).
    • Reduced strain of engines, thereby increasing the life of engines.
    • Reduced pollution & thus improved environment
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